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1. Nobsound

Douk Audio U3 Mini Class A Kopfhörerverstärker Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Nobsound - Pluggable op amp socket design, suitable for listening to vocals or string music, classic or pop music, convenient to upgrade different op amps and bring much DIY fun and playability for audiophiles. Adopting innovative circuit design, the amplifier circuit can always work at a high voltage of 26V, and the background noise index is excellent.

Smooth and mellow sound, and even with unique charm when playing rock. Adopting original ti-ne5532 classical op amp and transistor expanding current circuit, and the sound is warm and delicate, using 1300mA large current output transistor working in class A status, with ultra-low distortion, full and mellow. With wide frequency response extension, excellent transient response, DC 5-20V wide input working voltage, excellent purity and transparency, and good dynamic range.

With stong drive power, easily to drive most high-impedance headphones such as: HD580/HD600/HD650/K701/K702/Q701/DT880/T70/T90/SR225/SR325/RS1e. Mini size with exquisite appearance and most cost-effective, brings big surprise for all audiophiles, better sound field and details, providing larger power, easily to drive most headphones in the market, very suitable for home/office desltop audio system use.

2. Nobsound

Nobsound HiFi Mini Valve Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo amp Audio Kopfhörerverstärker

Nobsound - This unit can easily power high-performance headphones including the hd580, sr225, K701, hd650, T90, hd600, dt880, q701, t70, SR325, K702, RS1e and many more. With cool appearance, computer, smart phone, ipod, ns-08e can also bring amazing HiFi sound.

Sound is warmer and softer with more brilliant treble, more powerful bass and quieter background. 24~600Ω headphones would be recommended while armature earphones are not suitable. Nobsound features a low price coupled with high performance in a small, simple package delivering high fidelity, specially designed to provide the audiophile with the performance they deserve. New version uses upgraded 6J3 tubes. It will provide deep sound field if you pair it with your preamp, stereo system ect.

You can clearly feel a big difference when you use it. Ns-08e is very popular and sales well all aound the world, it has received much positive evaluation which can be searched on GoogleLINK, YoutubeLINK and Sound & Vision MagazineLINK. For the best match preamplifier, please search Asin:B0779S3ZVW on Amazon. Now, ns-08e upgrades for the first time in the past three years.
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3. Nobsound

Nobsound Audio Q3 Kopfhörer Verstärker Mini Stereo DAC USB/Optisch/Koaxial zu RCA AUX 24 Bit/192 kHz Digital zu Analog Audio Converter Decoder für Heimkino/Fernseher Aktivlautsprecher

Nobsound - Q3 is a digital to analog converter with pc-usb/optical/coaxial input and rca/3. 5mm headphone output, apple tv, tv, mobile phonewith otg function, DVD/Blu-Ray player or CD player and so on, which can used with laptop, desktop computer, meeting different requirements of home stereo audio system.

Pc-usb is plug-and-play, no need for any driver, it can process digital audio at any bit depth up to 24 bits and any sample rate to 96 KHz with high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. Mini size with exquisite appearance, black aluminum case looks more popular and attractive, very suitable for home and desktop audio system use. Adopting high-end chip combination sa9023 usb chip+cs8412 dac chip+97220 headphone amp chip to achieve better sound quality, and NE5532 op amp which uses analog circuit design to greatly improve treble and bass sound effects.

Not only with volume control knob that can adjust both the headphones and RCA output, but with treble and bass control which is specially designed for audiophile to enjoy much delicate and smooth HiFi sound. High-performance headphone output is designed for a wide range of headphones.

4. Nobsound

HiFi Röhrenempfänger Valve Tube Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver USB DAC S/PDIF D/A Konverter Audio Vorverstärker Kopfhörerverstärker 24Bit/192KHz DAC-T1

Nobsound - Complete design and perfect details: support treble and bass control, also with full function remote control to achieve all settings. To enjoy tube sound of different styles. Imported jan5654 tubes and vintage warm sound: comes with jan5654 tubes, upgrade to 6*1N, greatly improves everything associated with your music, dynamic and pleasing.

Qcc3031 bluetooth chip, achieves further distance and lossless signal without delay. Cm6642 usb chip with special driver, larger output power enough to drive 300Ω headphones. Pluggable tube socket design, sounds soft and delicate, 6AK5, EF95 etc. Even in limited space, warm filament dynamically decorates the audio system and give you a wonderful acoustic enjoyment with large dynamic and sweet sound. With stereo RCA and 3. 5mm headphone jack outputs, can connect different amplifier / active speaker / coaxial / optical / PC-USB / headphones, compatible with most audio sources such as phone, tablet, HiFi music can be easily enjoyed.

Powerful function with attractive appearance, easy adjust one's own preferable sound styles. Easy to compare the difference between digital sound and tube sound via bypass function. With multiple audio inputs and outputs: bluetooth / rca inputs, computer, digital player etc. Classic 47 headphone amp architecture, supports ACC/SBC/APTX/APTX-HD, the sound is delicate and soft with lower distortion and higher resolution.

5. Nobsound

Nobsound Little Bear B4-X Tragbarer Röhren Kopfhörerverstärker Balanced Dual-Mono Tube Headphone Amplifier dual-Mono Balanced Version

Nobsound - So the degree of sound separation is higher than B4. The circuit adopts dual op amp parallel output, with higher output power. Its left and right channel are amplified by independent components, and power supply, tubes, and op amp are all independent and symmetric.

B4-x has 3. 5mm and 2. 5mm 2 kinds of output interface, suitable for most of balanced and standard headphones. B4-x adopts 2 groups of independent power supply+12V and -12V for 2 op amps, less mutual effects and can drive 300Ω headphones. B4-x is a dual-mono balanced version. High-end making material and craft: using gold-plated socket, original nichicon electrolytic capacitor, original DALE resistors and precision ring resistance.

6. Nobsound

Nobsound Hi-Fi Kopfhörerverstärker Headphone Amplifier&USB DAC Audio Decoder Opt/Coax IN Unterstützung OTG Silber

Nobsound - Kann android4. 2. 2 system otg modus notwendigkeit native System, Unterstützung Apple Telefon, Tablette, etc. Hochpräzisions-Aktivkristall; ELNA Audio Kondensator. Dac-chip: cs8416 + cs4398 + opa2134; kopfhörer-chip: op275 + TPA6120 Usb-chip: vt1630 in 16bit unterstützung 44. 1k-192k / in 24bit Unterstützung 44. 1k-96k. Otg-modus zu unterstützen.

7. Nobsound

Nobsound Mini FU32 Röhren Kopfhörerverstärker Tube Headphone Amplifier HiFi Stereo Preamp

Nobsound - Mini size with attractive appearance, compact design makes it suitable for desktop audio system. 2*3. 5 mm output can also be connected to digital amplifiers and active multimedia audio devices.

Packing list: 1*headphone amplifier; 1*Power Supply; 1*FU32 Tube. P32 not only as a headphone amplifier, compatible with wide impedance range12-200Ω, but also as a preamp for your other power amplifier, convenient and efficient to improve sound quality. Default beijing fu32 vacuum tube, opa2132, can be upgraded to gu-32/832; default ne5532 op amp, jrc4558, can be upgraded to OPA2604, OP275 and so on for enjoying different tones.1*3. 5 mm stereo jack input, CD, can be connected to computer, mobile phone and lossless player.

8. Nobsound

Kopfhörerverstärker, Nobsound ESS9018 USB DAC Opt/Coax Digital zu Analog Konverter Headphone Amp 24Bit/192kHz

Nobsound - Aluminum case looks cool and fashionable, very suitable for home/office desktop audio system use. Q5 is a multi-function dac & headphone amp, cd player, with pc-usb / optical / coaxial inputs, compatible with many audio device such as phone, computer, tv, TV setbox and so on; and with stereo L/R RCA / 6.

35 mm & 3. 5mm headphone jack outputs, can enjoy HiFi music in different ways. Usb input, no special software is needed, also support mobile phones with OTG function, optimize the circuit board design, plug and play, very easy to use. And the fiber base is upgraded, redefine quality and sound. Reasonable circuit layout and concise wiring, the sound is clear and natural, and adopting high-quality chip architecture to achieve much better sound quality:. Proper size with exquisite appearance, input switch and USB/OPT/COAX input indicators are designed to show working status clearly.

9. Nobsound

Nobsound 50W x 2 Mini Bluetooth 4.2 Tube Power Amplifier Röhren Kopfhörer Verstärker Headphone Amp Kabelloser Audioempfänger Black

Nobsound - Its compact size make it suitable for most scenarios. Sound is soft, thick, sweet and transparent. Convenient to replace other compatible tubes like 6136;6ac7;6au6;6bx6;6n8 ; ef80;EF94;6M-H1;TM12;6Ж4П;6С2П. Totally no background noise and no pop sound.

Can be used as speaker power amp / headphone amplifier / wireless receiver. 18-month warranty. With overheat, overload and short circuit protection. Bluetooth 4. 2 can ensure stable and high quality wireless music transmission. It can be easily placed on your desktop or equipment. Adopt 6j4 vacuum tube. Gold-plated rca / Banana interface can avoid sparks when power plug in. With bass and treble control, iphone, turntable, pc, it is also suitable for bookshelf/ computer/ desktop/ Theater audio system and so on, CD, tv, iPad, etc.

Smart phone, android phone, can work with MP3, Tablets, DVD, different matching brings you hear beautiful music anytime and anywhere. Customer service: nobsound@doukaudio. Com. Support APT-X. Equipped with 24v power supply, max output power up to 50w*2, can easily drive most home speakers.

10. Nobsound

Nobsound L2 HiFi Bluetooth 5.0 Vorverstärker Empfänger Digitaler Vorverstärker Stereo Audio Preamp Receiver Desktop Subwoofer Amp APTX-HD für Verstärker/Kopfhörerverstärker/Aktivlautsprecher

Nobsound - Reasonable and concise layout, left and right channel are powered and amplified independently, no mutual interference. Hifi clear sound and perfect design: using 2pcs ne5532 op amps responsible for pre-amplification and tone control, large dynamic, deep lows, rich details, with wide frequency response, 2PCS NE5532 for low frequency output circuit.

Qcc3034 bluetooth chip, can achieve a range of up to 50-70ft 20-30m without obstacles, lossless transmission with no delay. Tone control with bypass function: more smooth and delicate sound can be enjoyed by adjusting treble, and bypass functionturn treble knob to the leftmost end is added to turn off the tone control and enjoy original sound, mid and bass knob, adding much fun and higher playability. Pure class a positive and negative pressure multistage independent rectifier filter and anti-interference circuit design, supports APTX-HD protocol, and the output power is strong and stable. Multiple inputs for different usages: with 2 groups of rca and bluetooth 5.

0 inputs and switch knob, 1 group of full-frequency RCA and 1 group of low frequency output, can switch multi-way input signals losslessly, can connect to an amplifier or active speaker and an active subwoofer at the same time. L2 can greatly improve the sound quality, sounds smooth and clear. Attractive appearance and wide use: whole aluminum alloy case and pure aluminum knobs, computer, amplifier, headphone amp, active speakers, DAC, can match perfectly with audio players, looks more fashionable and durable, active subwoofers etc. To provide HiFi audio enjoyment.